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Testimoni Peserta ESQ July 15, 2008

Posted by menadahhidayah in ESQ Way.

Mari kita lihat testimoni peserta ESQ seperti yang dipaparkan didalam www.esq.com.my


“Organisasi seperti PUSPAKOM yang terpenting dalam membangun modal insan bukanlah skill atau knowledge, tetapi spiritual melalui internal strength, di situlah kekuatan.”

Dato’ Hj Salamat Hj Wahit




“ESQ ini telah membantu dalam pembentukan nilai staf. Saya mengesyorkan program ini kepada organisasi yang ingin membentuk satu budaya yang berpegang pada nilai.”

Dato’ Abdul Manap Abd Wahab



“Saya merasakan bahawa dari sudut isi mahupun metodologi, ESQ Training sungguh menakjubkan.”

Romli Hussein

VP, TELEKOM Malaysia


“ESQ is very good and effective training that makes us get in touch with our spiritual and emotional side. Participants will come back recharged with renewed enthusiasm to be a person that he or she can be whether as a father, mother, entrepreneur, son, daughter, worker or boss.”

Ahmad Nazri Ahmad Noor

HR General Manager

Kumpulan Karangkraf


“ESQ Training in many areas have managed to enlighten and enhance my views and perception of myself and further strengthen my current inner beliefs and principles. Personally, ESQ in some ways has made me more optimistic and refresh my outlook towards life.”

Wang Twee Pang

Branch Manager



“ESQ Sukses adalah harapan semua di zaman moden ini. Ternyata untuk mencapai hidup sukses tidak cukup mengutamakan IQ saja, namun diperlukan kematangan serta ketrampilan emosional dan spiritual.”

Usman Chatib Warsa




“Before I join the ESQ Training I did not realized I did awful things in my life especially to my families, friends and staff. I was egoist, naive and lot more of bad attitudes. ESQ shaked me and made me aware who am I, where am I coming from and where am I heading to. I feel remorse. ESQ had been the eye opener of my heart and will lead me to a better life on the way back to Allah the Almighty.”

William de Weerd

Risk Manager

Rodamco Europe, Holland


“Ary Ginanjar brings the deep power of ESQ to a vision of renewed and compassionate Islam. He has the voice of a wise teacher. His words opened my heart to the beauty of a faith I had never before understood.”

Danah Zohar

Pengarang ‘Spiritual Intelligence’ & ‘Spiritual Capital’, ENGLAND


“ESQ 165 balances the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aptitude and attitude in me. It fits nicely in the total training philosophy of interfacing work, life, and learning.. I am truly impressed despite my 28 years experiencing in human capital development. Its’ a mind opener.”

Roslan Razak



“I have had formal training on various kinds of learning. I had once seek religious knowledge and had continuously practiced the good deeds(amal) from the classes I attended. Then I was busy climbing the corporate ladder until I missed the pure feeling of happiness when you feel and aware that God is helping you in your every conduct-God even suppress your words so as not to be blurted out when you have the temptation to say something damaging. Three days in ESQ training gives me back the feelings. It is so serene. I realized my habitual conducts have changed abruptly. From my experience and knowledge in human resource development, ESQ Training is indeed a transformational learning; a learning experience that is capable to transform people which normally occur in real life situation such as being diagnosed with cancer or lost os someone dear.”

Nor Aliza Abd Latif




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